Brick township NJ protected from tidal flooding

Township of Brick, New Jersey
New Jersey, USA
Area of use 
Flood protection

Residents in the Township of Brick are experiencing flooding issues during high tide and storm events. To combat this issue, the Township of Brick has implemented a Floodplain Management Plan where an independent engineering firm stated, “Check valves have been installed on some outfall pipes … additional installations of check valves are planned dependent on funding.” Check valve are seen as the best method to combat flooding caused by backflow from the sea through the stormwater outfall pipes.


One of the locations identified as a flooding zone was along Van Note Drive. Seasonal high tides and storm events meant that sea water came up through the stormwater outfall pipe and flooded the street, ran into driveways and down into below grade garages. It was identified that a WaStop NPS 24” should be installed to prevent the flooding and protect the residents and their homes. During a ‘perfect storm’ event, when the tide is high and extreme rainfall occurs, ponding will still occur on the street, but having the WaStop in place adds attenuation by stopping the sea water filling the pipes, and ensures that the ponding is rainwater only and not damaging salt water.


The installation went smoothly and quickly. Wapro was on site to help and the installation took under an hour to complete. In just one hour the local residents were able to feel protected against the high tide events.


After the installation and several severe rain events Wapro received an e-mail from the engineering firm regarding the WaStop in Brick “I’m happy to have your contact information on hand for clients who are looking for check valves. Keep up the good work!”


A post installation site inspection including interviewing the local residents revealed that flooding hasn’t been an issue since installation and they certainly feel secure. A very successful installation and the Township of Brick is now one step closer to having peace of mind regarding flooding.


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