Family protected from devastating surprises

Property Owner, Elektrikerna i Falun. Work completed by Team Wåhlin Mark & Asfalt AB
Järfälla, Sweden
Area of use 
Flood protection

The family living at the lowest point in the street in a residential area in Järfälla experienced flooding caused by an overload in the stormwater system outside their home.  Water pooled at the lowest point in the street during heavy rainfall or spring snow melt causing an overload in the stormwater system - the very system that is designed to keep the surroundings dry.  Water tries to find the least point of resistance, which in this cause is the interconnected sewer system. This system in turn also searches for the point of least resistance, which unfortunately was the family home of those at the lowest point in the street. A mixture of sewer and stormwater was forced back into the home through the homes own sewer pipes. Imagine the dismay of finding your home flooded with sewer. The effects are devastating for the family, for the area, and for the environment. Destroyed furniture, photos, memories. Requiring sanitation, renovation, rebuilding. We're sure you can even imagine the smell, even if you really don't want to.  It's heartbreaking.


To give the family a solution that gave them peace of mind the family had a WaBack Access chamber installed (DN110).  The chamber was placed just inside the property boundary. The Access chamber allows easy inspection - just lift up the module to inspect when required.  

Mats Persson, the founder of Wapro, had this exact scenario in mind when he designed the original WaBack in the 1980's.  Mats wanted to create a product that would give home owners peace of mind. WaBack was designed for use in heavily polluted water and is therefore perfect for use in both sewer and stormwater applications. The open flow area of the WaBack ensures no blockages, and the design ensures that the WaBack closes 100% tight against backflow. Automatically, without electricity or intervention.

The family in Järfälla are now 100% protected from flooding caused by backflow and can sleep deeply both when they're at home and away.

Holding back the flood.


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