Protecting a home in Lewiston, New York, USA - Wapro Access

City of Lewiston
Lewiston, New York, USA
Area of use 
Flood protection

A section of Upper Mountain Road in Lewiston, New York was repeatedly experiencing basement floodings. This was the result of having a combined wastewater and stormwater sewer in an area prone to flooding from the Niagara River. Jeffery Ritter from the city of Lewiston met with Bob Wiltshire from Koester Associates, and they discussed the benefits of installing WaStop inline elastomeric check valves in order to prevent backflows and flooding. Jeff suspected that the WaStop might be just what Lewiston needed. 


In 2013, a packaged residential WaStop unit was installed in a private home in an area where previous floods had caused more than $4,000 of damage to basements each time flooding occurred. Since the Wapro Access unit was installed, there have been no more flooded basements.  

Design: Wapro Access Chamber with a WaStop module. Note the 8' extension tube installed as a riser from the Wapro Access Chamber. 

Thanks to Koester Associates for supplying this information.

Wapro-installs-WaStop-inline elastomeric-check-valves-in- New-york-usa
Wapro-flood-protection-inline-check-valve- New-york-usa

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